Programs & Services

In an effort to stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities for our residents, the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development offers assistance and targeted financial support to help businesses get started, expand, or relocate to our community.

Our economic development professionals are available to provide information and consultation to help you take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Financial & Tax Incentives:   Targeted tax credits, grants and loans
  • Workforce Development:  Support to help companies identify and train employees
  • Local Small Business Reserve Program:  Access to local government contracting opportunities
  • Business Innovation Centers (incubators):  A network of facilities and assistance to help emerging enterprises
  • Technology Transfer: Assistance to facilitate cooperative technology development  between federal laboratories, academia and businesses
  • Minority Business Outreach:  Networking, mentorship, and technical assistance to ensure the success of minority businesses.
  • Agricultural Services:  Land preservation programs to limit commercial, residential or industrial development of agricultural land.