Recreational Life in Ohio

Ohio, whose name means the Big River, is located on the Mississippi tributary – the fastest and deepest. The region has a profitable location in the central part of the country and favorable climatic conditions. Today the land pleases modern Americans and guests from all over the world with a pleasant climate and good conditions for living and recreation!

Ohio was founded in 1803. Another no less famous name of Ohio is “the birthplace of aviation.” In general, history remembers many discoveries and inventions born Ohio. This is the emergence of the first aid departments (occurred in the middle of the nineteenth century), and the first fire department. The first electric lights were discovered in 1879. The first traffic light in the country also appeared here – Cleveland, 1914. Citizens also say that a hot dog and chewing gum were invented in Ohio.recreational life in ohio

Parks and Other Sightseeings in Ohio

The natural attractions of the state should be attributed primarily to Lake Erie. The picturesque landscapes of the lake are amazing. In the south of the state is located the Allegheny Plateau – part of the Appalachians. There are also several major rivers – the Ohio, Cuyahoga, Scioto. It is worth visiting not only the metropolitan areas of the state – you should drive around the territory at least in order to admire the charming farms, villages and small settlements with the special atmosphere of American country music.

Cuyahoga Valley – the valley of the river, only at the beginning of the XXI century became a park of national importance. Do not think that you will manage to get around it all on foot: the area of the park exceeds 30.000 acres. Here you can meet a heron, wild ducks, beavers in their natural habitat. There are also numerous entertainment places – for children and adults. Play on the golf course, ski or bike – depending on the season – and even listen to a live symphony orchestra! All this is available at Cuyahoga.

In the small town of Zanesville is the famous Y-shaped bridge – the only of its kind in the whole world. It is distinguished by three ends with the same number of pavements. In the place where the bridge is installed, there is a confluence of the rivers Licking and Muskingum.

Are you an avid lover of extreme sports and thrills? Ohio is famous for its second largest and developed speed roller coaster! The huge attraction, whose height is almost 130 meters, is located in Sandusky. Also, visit Cincinnati to ride on a wooden slide with an air loop – its height is two times less, but the enthusiasm for skiing is guaranteed.

One of the ancient architectural structures in Ohio is a serpent mound. A reptile mound that swallows an egg is located near the crater Serpent Mound, in Adams County. The creators of the land miracle were Indian tribes. Its length exceeds 400 meters, its height is more than 1 meter. It is not known exactly by whom this object was created and, most importantly, for what purpose. Only one thing is known: the barrow appeared on the territory of the state at the beginning of the XI century.

Cleveland is considered one of the most favorable for life and prosperous cities in the United States. Here there is the extensive railway systems, as well as numerous water channels. Interested in modern American architecture? In Cleveland is a combination of different modern styles. In addition, you should visitRock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Steam Roundhouse Museum, as well as several famous institutions of higher education.

Lake Erie and the large islands and tiny islands located on it will attract your attention. Some of them should be visited for unhurried walks, while others attract by a nightlife. Visit the island of Kelleys located in the National Park with limestone quarries, which were formed inside the icebergs.

Reaching Ohio is not difficult: a large airport is located in Columbus – 10 kilometers from the state capital. There is an international airport in Dayton. If there are no direct flights to Dayton from the country of your departure, choose a connection through New York or 2 connections: the first in one of the European capitals, the second, again, in New York. Highways connect the state to neighboring Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

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