Living in the USA

All the US states arouse genuine interest among residents of different countries worldwide. It is considered that the indicators of the standard of living in this country are over average. It relates to almost all aspects of life in America:

  • housing;
  • income;
  • health care;
  • wages;
  • security of citizens;
  • subjective indicators of well-being.The Life in the USA

It is said that happiness cannot be bought for money, but, on the other hand, it consists of such components. Indicators that are taken into account in assessing the standard of living:

  • social aspects of population growth – fertility and mortality among the population;
  • life expectancy;
  • sanitary and hygienic norms of life;
  • the level of consumption and food supply;
  • average housing conditions;
  • cultural environment and educational potential;
  • cost-to-income ratio;
  • the price rates;
  • transportation equipment;
  • opportunities for cultural and recreational properties;
  • the system of social assistance and welfare;
  • respect for civil and universal human rights of every citizen.

Standard of living in figures

In the United States, the average residual net income after all taxes have been paid in 2019 is about $ 42,000 per year. This is the maximum figure compared with ОECD countries. The difference between the high and low classes is simply great. The income of the highest economic class of the population is 8 times greater than the income of those on the lower rate of the economic ladder. Employment is provided by state, public and private working places. More than 67% of Americans aged 15 to 65 have a well-paid job. Males are somewhat prevalent in these statistics – 73% of the male population have a well-paid work, while among women the rate is a little lower – 62%.

Professional education allows you to have a high-paying job in the United States. The vast majority of adults, more than 87% of Americans aged 25–64 years have finished secondary education. The level of education is also quite high – 9 points instead of 8 traditional for Europe. The human life expectancy on average in 2019 will be over 80 years (depending on the regions). Living conditions require payment: the average American family spends about 1/5 of the total compensated family income. The level of living conditions is very high: 99.9% of the population live in modern houses with engineering communications.

The average level of food prices in America in 2019:

  • a liter of milk – $ 1;
  • bread – $ 2.48;
  • rice (kg) – $ 3.03;
  • a dozen of eggs – $ 2.55;
  • cheese (kg) – $ 9.65;
  • chicken fillet – $ 7.90;
  • apples (kg) – $ 3.60.

Drinks and alcohol:

  • a liter of wine – $ 8–9;
  • local beer – $ 2.40.

The cost of catering:

  • the average bill for two persons without alcohol, a typical dinner – about $ 10;
  • the average bill in a romantic restaurant – $ 45;
  • fast food – 6-7 $.

When assessing certain price rates in the United States, it is necessary to take into account the state extra charge. For example, in California, there will be higher, by about 18%, prices. The lowest prices in Idaho: about 92% of the average price in the country. The cost of utilities in total is about 150-200 $ per month per family.

Revenues and expenses

Quality of life depends not only on the expected duration but also on its comfort. The level of comfort is largely determined by the ratio of income and expenses. If we talk about the majority of the population, the income and expenses here almost always coincide. The average citizen repays several loans, and this does not allow him to make great savings.

There are certain pros and cons in this aspect, but in general, almost any job allows a person to pay for renting or mortgaging, there is always the possibility of buying a car, there are loan programs for those who want to get an education.

There are no problems for immigrants; with the right approach to the paperwork, a workplace can be found even in a small town.

The standard of living in the United States differs significantly from the standard of living – there are more opportunities here – but at the same time, there are more requirements: insurance, the absence of affordable free medicine, education fees and living conditions. Nevertheless, the United States attracts immigrants from around the world who want to live in a successful and developed country.

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