Starting Business in America

America gives you the opportunity to start your own business from scratch and quickly develop it. The most promising areas for start-up entrepreneurs are:

  • accounting services;
  • legal services;
  • retail;
  • medicine (especially dentistry);
  • agriculture.Launching Business in America

Which option to choose?

It all depends on the starting capital and the specific state for the potential business.

For New York, the best options are:

  • pharmacy opening;
  • selling shoes and clothes;
  • dental clinics;
  • repairs.

For Los Angeles, the best options are:

  • car repair shops;
  • security firms;
  • sports complexes, gyms;
  • cosmetology.

For Ohio and Montgomery County, the best options are:

  • pharmacy opening;
  • dental clinics;
  • auto repairs;
  • car washing.

You should choose the industry that meets two conditions: promising for a particular state and understandable to a potential entrepreneur. A question may arise: is it better to choose what is relevant or new ideas as a new business? It depends on the experience of the entrepreneur. Beginners better take advantage of the most reliable options, and professionals can try something new.

Ways to start a business

After choosing the specifics, it is important to determine how to launch a business.

There are several options:

Buying an existing company

For beginners, this is the best option. This option may include small shops or points of sale, agencies to provide services.


  • no need to look for an office or store, get permits (you only need to re-register a business);
  • there are regular customers;
  • established procurements;
  • there is staff.


  • to buy a ready-made company will require a lot of money;
  • there may be additional costs for renewal;
  • it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of a ready-made business (it may turn out to be unpromising, the reason for its sale).

Purchasing a franchise

This is a safe option, giving a ready-made base and assistance from the franchisor.


  • reliability;
  • you can work almost immediately (registration is carried out quickly);
  • all conditions have been created (a business plan has been drawn up, there are equipment and a valid advertising campaign).


  • strict observance of the rules established by the franchisor is necessary;
  • dependence on the main company (and in terms of business, and in the amount of profit).


You can become its co-owner by investing money in an existing business.


  • there is a ready-made area of activity;
  • there are regular customers or buyers.


the investor is only one of the owners.

Launching a new company

This option is valid only if you have experience launching a business. Except for drawing up a business plan, renting a room, solving organizational issues, hiring staff, it is necessary to obtain business permits in the United States.

What do you need to open your successful business in the US?

General instructions include:

  • room rental. Depending on the type of activity, it must comply with the standards set by the specific state. The average cost of renting a small commercial space in the United States is $5.000 – $7.000 per year.
  • business insurance. This is a mandatory step. Costs – about $4.000 (annually).
  • hiring staff. Salary in America is usually calculated by the hour. On average, it is about $10.00 per hour.

If this is the first experience of organizing business in the US, then you should hire a lawyer.

Payment of state duty (carried out immediately after the registration of the business) is about $2.000.

Formula for success

To achieve financial success in the US, you need to be ready:

  • towards continuous development and the fight against competition;
  • be persistent (those who are willing to take risks achieve the best results);
  • for large investments (at least $15.000).

A professional approach and choosing the right idea for a small business in the USA is a guarantee of success and a stable average income.

Another advantage of America is the ability to constantly develop its activities and expand it.

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