9 Lifehacks for Saving Money

Lifehack#1: Start planning your expenses

At the beginning of each month, make a list of mandatory expenses (utilities, gasoline, apartment rental, etc.). The list should contain the sum of money for unforeseen expenses that may appear (going to the doctor, friend’s birthday, etc.). Thus, you will see how much money remains after all the expenses. It contributes to budget planning.

Lifehack#2: Not to take loans and not to use credit cards

You cannot rationally assume the correlation between income and expenses if you live in debt. The credit cards only aggravate the desire to buy an unnecessary thing. But, after all, borrowed funds will have to be paid back sooner or later. It is another hit to your budget.9 Lifehacks for Saving Money

Lifehack#3: Do not spend wages on the day you get it

After getting the salary, do not go to the supermarket or any other store. In such places, marketers come up with many ways that will help you spend as much as possible on unnecessary products. Come home, make a shopping list and clearly follow it when you go to the store.

Lifehack#4: Get a piggy bank

In childhood, everyone picks up coins into piggy banks with a small slot and then broke them and pulled out money. This method of saving money still works well. With the help of such a piggy bank, you can save money on a new smartphone or change the wardrobe.

Lifehack#5: Follow promotions and sales

Buying products at a lower price is a very good way to save money. There are people who manage to save a lot of money on discounts, learning in advance about the conditions and place of the action. For example, many people, nowadays, prefer buying drugs using online pharmacies. The choice is so great. Surf the Internet in advance to get to know more details about the chosen online service. There may be a lot of different services with one and the same company name. Choose the most reliable and trustworthy service.

Lifehack#6: Save on bad habits

This will help you not only save money, but also keep your health. For example, quitting smoking can save you a lot of money, especially if you count how many packs of cigarettes you buy per week, month or year. This is a very good motivation.

Lifehack#7: Try to save on housing

Set up household meters, buy only energy-efficient lamps and do not forget to turn off the lights in the rooms if you do not need it. Also, remember that a fully loaded washing machine consumes less water and electricity. The refrigerator “shakes” less if you do not put hot dishes in it.

Lifehack#8: Use discount cards

You may not have many of them, but your friend will probably have a card that you need. A friend, in turn, may ask to use the discounts that you have. Such an exchange will be beneficial for both.

Lifehack#9: Buy wholesale goods

Today, in some stores, you may buy three items and the price will be significantly lower than the retail one. For any family, this way of buying goods will be beneficial. Visit stores with discounts. It relates to drugs, clothes, furniture, and etc.

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